1. Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Izabel Bratek founded Academy Plus Education in 2007 in Berwick, Victoria

At Academy Plus, we’re on a mission…

Izabella Bratek (Grad Dip Education, Secondary), BE Chem Eng, BBiomedSc) has been tutoring high school students for over 10 years.

In 2007 Izabella founded ‘Academy Plus’, a tutoring business where she could share her passion for teaching a unique approach towards academic achievement. Since then, dozens of tutors have worked with us, challenging their students to cultivate their personal strengths and talents for success throughout schooling and life.

A vision for better education across Australia

At Academy Plus we don’t just list tutors in a database, we go one step further – we strive to build a team of like-minded teachers who help students to reach and exceed their academic and life goals.

Historical timeline

from Berwick, Victora, to Glen Waverley... Academy Plus launched as a garage business tutoring centre out of Berwick, Victoria. Quickly attracting dozens of students to the high-quality tuition services and focus classes that Iza offered, the capacity of the business grew and called for a new location. In 2009, Academy Plus moved to a 2-storey class space in Glen Waverley. Although at peak times several classes ran concurrently due to demand, ultimately with the rise of online tutoring and preference for locations in other suburbs, Academy Plus moved to a 100% online tutoring interface.

moving towards a mobile referral service... Throughout 2012-16 we interviewed 100s of tutors based on their CV, responses to a psychometric test, and live interview responses, to ensure the highest standard of tutoring performance via our referrals. No other tutoring organisation or directory offers a guarantee of standards to this level, which is why we continually receive requests for referrals in our subject areas of expertise.

Towards world-access online tuition services... As we build our brand new web presence in 2017, stay tuned for an innovative approach to tutoring, based on preset workable solutions combined with focused individual online support. We are also rebuilding our tutoring referral list to align with our new model as we move into the technology-driven age of education. You will now be able to achieve your academic goals with the same standard of Academy Plus support with a new online interface.


  • We’ve worked with 100’s of tutors around Melbourne
  • We’ve worked 1000’s of students towards achieving their academic goals in the VCE and beyond
  • We’ve presented at numerous Local and National events, including ‘The Age VCE and Careers Expo’, at which the Academy Plus presentation on “Top 10 Tips to Improve Your ATAR” was the most popular of the weekend, resulting in a lack of seats for attendance!

More as this website evolves…

How it works…

Free services available at Academy Plus

We strive to make at least 10-20% of all of our solutions 100% FREE to view online. Our hope is that you benefit from our online guides so much that you do consider enrolling into a complete online program.

First hour of pritivate online tuition: Free with the tutor of your choice

Student-tailored services

Ongoing private tuition
Ongoing tuition which is priced in the range of $60 for home visits, $40 for online sessions, and $20 for classes with students of three or more (differs from tutor to tutor)
Pre-worked video solutions
Pre-worked video solutions tend to range from 20-40 minutes in duration and offer complete workable guides for a focus topic or question. Available for purchase at $9.99 for lifetime use, or 24 hour rental for $4.99.

Online solutions program monthly offer

Our most affordable program for consistent VCE success

A collection of videos focusing on an entire unit at VCE level – these literally cover everything important to know about the topic and range from $29.99 to $49.99 per month. The monthly subscription includes:

  1. Access to all videos in a series, which tends to include 10-20 full sub-topics with complete solutions
  2. Access to updates when newer versions of solutions are added
  3. Access to new solutions and workarounds as they are added to the database
  4. Unlimited personalised e-mail Q&A support in case any of the solutions do not make sense or any content was missed

VCE Success Pack: Subscribe to 4 programs at once for just $99 AND get a 5th program access free.